2018MA 15+94 min
When Harper is sent to Spain for an important work meeting, her hard-partying friends tag along and convince her to pursue a fling with a famous DJ.
Director:Alex Richanbach
Production Country:United States
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Added to Netflix:May 25, 2018
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From the Daily Dot

Ibiza is unrelentingly lame. That is the only way to put it. Gillian Jacobs plays Harper, who works for a PR firm and is sent overseas by her caricature of a bad boss, Sarah (Michaela Watkins). On their first night out, the women hit a party, Harper sees the DJ on a screen, and immediately falls in love. But Harper only has a couple days, plus a cumbersome work meeting, standing between her and true love. Ibiza is one of the more forgettable Netflix releases to come out. It's a bad movie, but not bad in an entertaining way like The Cloverfield Paradox or The Polka King. It's bad in the way that makes you resent having spent your time on it.

Eddie Strait

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