Suddenly possessed with supernatural powers, a father sets out to help his estranged daughter, who's at risk of losing everything she's lived for.
Director:Sang-ho Yeon
Production Country:South Korea
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Added to Netflix:April 25, 2018
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From the Daily Dot

Psychokinesis, Yeon Sang-ho's film about a guy who drinks magic spring water and becomes a telekinetic superhero, is silly in ways that will charm you. But for every laugh, you'll find a moment that makes you roll your eyes. The hero is Seok-heon, a bank security guard uses his newfound powers to help his estranged daughter Roo-mi, whose hot dog stand becomes the target of a generically villainous construction company. The movie moves quickly and Seok-heon and Roo-mi are a likable father-daughter duo, but the story lacks tension and the tone skews frustratingly toward silliness. You'll be amused with Psychokinesis, but can probably do better.

Eddie Strait

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