Take Your Pills

2018M88 min
In a hypercompetitive world, drugs like Adderall offer students, athletes, coders and others a way to do more – faster and better. But at what cost?
Director:Alison Klayman
Production Country:United States
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Added to Netflix:March 16, 2018
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From the Daily Dot

Alison Klayman's Take Your Pills begins with a description of the physical effects of Adderall when it becomes a routine. There are quick cuts, swatches of color, cartoonish animations, and pulsing music. It's a flood of information to match the film's subject matter: our need for focus. Unfortunately, the film needs some too. The doc boasts declarations from interview subjects about how we live in a "hypercompetitive order" and are "human capital," which might seem benign until you start to look at the fringes of the billion-dollar Adderall and Ritalin industry, which, as the film shows, is insidiously marketing medications to kids, and parents, with the promise of better "performance."

Audra Schroeder

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